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Shipments of products with a relatively short life time

These kind of products require special care and treatment. Some examples of perishable goods include fresh flowers, fruits (berries, mangoes, papaya, rambutan), vegetables, fresh and frozen fish, seafood, meat, seeds and any other products that may be affected by climate change or sudden ups and downs of temperature. Commercial Aviation Services LLC provides the adequate handling of perishable goods by fulfilling the needed requirements such as temperature control.

The exporter must keep in mind that for wet shipments such as seafood and meat, packing must be adequate and meet certain requirements for proper and safe transportation. The main requirements are: product packaging should not spill liquid or leaks by the time it is to be transported and that it should not issue any pungent odor.

In case of agricultural products such as vegetables, flowers, fruits, plants, etc., packaging must be very resistant so it can withstand the stacking of at least 2 meters high without the boxes below to deform or collapse, considering that these packages must be resistant to moisture emanated by these types of products.

Live Animals

Transportation of any live animals

We can move all kinds of pets, exhibition and competition animals, zoo animals, marine animals, live tropical fish, reptiles, live chicks, hatching eggs, etc. The transportation of any live animals requires the adequate paperwork and permissions from the authorities of the country of origin, countries of transit and destination country.

When providing transportation for live animals, our main goal is to provide the maximum care for your animals, both on land and in the air. With careful planning and special handling, our solutions tailored to shipments of live animals ensures the successful arrival at their final destination.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods that may represent a risk to health

Dangerous goods are objects or substances that may represent a risk to health, transportation and security and can damage the environment. For CAS is very important to keep all IATA regulations for the transportation of this kind of loads. Transportation requirements for this goods will depend on the UN.

General Cargo

Shipments that no require special treatment

All shipments of durable goods that no require special treatment such as controlled temperature, extremely special packaging, change of gel packs, etc. As an example of General Cargo: Spare parts for cars, parts for industrial machinery, textiles, household goods, housewares, electronics, etc. Here come not all products are considered high monetary value.

Some examples are: Spare parts for cars, parts for industrial machinery, textiles, household goods, housewares, electronics, etc. Products considered as with a high monetary value aren´t part of general cargo.

Valuable Cargo

Shipments that require special treatment

Commercial Aviation Services LLS understands that shipping and handling fragile and high value cargo requires special procedures to ensure their safety and welfare. The required control over valuable cargo transportation is part of CAS's services.

Pharmaceutical Products

Shipments carrying pharmaceutical products

CAS knows the importance and value of shipments carrying pharmaceutical products. We provide special care when handling this type of goods by giving the necessary attention to the product's temperature control specified on air way bills (AWB). Commercial Aviation Services LLS helps customers, especially those sending pharmaceutical and dangerous products, reduce transit time to reach a load´s final destination as soon as possible and with the best rates.

Oversized Loads

Cargo which exceed the dimensions of the loading device

Oversized cargo is cargo which exceed the dimensions of the loading device used in aircraft, (ULD for its acronym in English), which usually measure 88 x 125 inches.

In CAS have the ability to find solutions for handling oversized cargo. The fleet of our strategic partners are prepared and equipped to handle all types of shipments and specially heavy and large cargo difficult to transport. Our highly experienced staff is dedicated along with the help of the customer to bring up plans for different oversized shipments in order to meet their needs and exceed the expectations of each of our clients. We offer a specialized planning and monitoring services when transporting oversized and heavy cargo worldwide.